„The Erasmus project was an amazing experience and also an opportunity to understand other people’s cultures, make new friends and find different mindsets. After all, a different nationality isn’t a barrier in understanding and listening to each other, English brought us all together”

Petru, Romania


„This Erasmus projects was a beautiful experience for me. I visited several countries and I had spectacular moments, I met different people of different nationalities and this has made me change my opinion and improve my life experience.”

Maria, Greece


„I really really liked this international project, as I have made a lot of new friends and learned new things about other countries and their culture, traditions, language and especially -people. Now I know more about bullying and I can share this with my classmates and friends”

Filip, Slovenia


„Each Erasmus project is not only about paper work, files, online meetings, collecting documents, finding great partners and sharing tasks, but mainly about broadening your horizon, getting to experience first hand other cultures, share good practices and learn about yourself. This project is my first Erasmus project so I will carry it forever in my heart.”

 Monica, Romania


„“Friend me, don’t bully me!”- was a meaningful experience for our team. We had lots of amazing memories; we learned a lot of things during the mobilities. We will be more careful about bullying after this project. Thank you for everything. 

Elif, Sude, Nisa, Feray- Turkey 


„We have learned that we are not that different and bullying is everywhere. We can spread the idea “Don’t bully, be friendly”

Marjanca, Slovenia


„I think Erasmus is a great opportunity and a fantastic way to train ourselves, to improve our knowledge and to speak about our experiences regarding bullying. Each mobility was fantastic!

Carmelita, Italy