IIS Acciaiuoli-Einaudi offers several different programmes – both vocational (Tourism, Technicians, Business Entrepreneurs, Opticians, Fashion designers, Marine engineering, electrical, electronic and control engineering, maintenance and repairing) and general education programme. We take pride in offering our students a variety of extra-curricular activities (sports, drama, cinelab, school newspaper, film club, internship) as well as national and international projects and competitions in which the school is involved. The school also promotes and improves integration and inclusion of foreign students and students with special needs.

Our school wants the students to become more aware of the problems that surround us, about pollution and on the importance to protect our land. Also, we want them to share ideas and find out how each of us can contribute to the protection of the environment, in our homes and in the school, the need for sustainable materials.

The school is actually involved in nine Erasmus+ KA229 projects and many eTwinning projects.