“Ciprian Porumbescu” Arts College is a vocational high school, whose role is to form and develop artistic skills, create and perfect future professionals in the fields of music, plastic and decorative arts, architecture and conservation of cultural goods. “Ciprian Porumbescu” Arts College is organized in three levels of education- primary, gymnasium and high school. It was founded in 1784, bearing the name of Ciprian Porumbescu, a renowned Romanian composer. Our school has a direct involvement in the cultural -artistic events of the community in order to make its students responsible as future citizens,  encouraging them to acquire key competencies and to increase the efficiency of the instructive-educational activities by promoting the values of interculturality, supporting programs focused on the knowledge, respect and valorisation of the cultural diversity. Our educational activities are directed towards students, furthering their preparation and taking into account the students’ educational necessities, their interests and also the labour market’s evolution.